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What should I pay attention to when customizing gift tin boxes?

2021-04-27 11:33:36

Choose the right tin box to customize product packaging to open the product market, and print a unique logo on the packaging according to the company (brand culture). The product's logo is like a person's ID card, which can enhance the recognition of the product, so it is easier to sell and can better protect the product. When consumers buy products, people pay much attention to the packaging of the products. Exquisite packaging is more attractive, but it also reflects the value of the product and also reflects the corporate culture. In the packaging industry, we can see that companies are customizing a large number of unique packaging in order to open up a larger market. Food iron box packaging, the quality of food is more guaranteed, because it has a good airtightness and light-proof performance to extend the shelf life of the food. To ensure that the iron box has these characteristics, the iron box manufacturer must pay attention to the production process of the iron box. The following editor of gift tin boxes will tell you some important knowledge about making tin boxes:

First of all, when making tin boxes, it is necessary to understand the needs of customers. The size, shape, purpose, quantity, design, printing technology and other basic requirements of the tin box can be customized, and the price can be provided to customers. If there is no common size mold, the mold must be made first. Of course, if the tin box manufacturer has a suitable mold, the customer does not need to make the mold, which saves the customer the mold cost. This is very crucial. Some customers have customized tin boxes for newly developed products. The manufacturer first asked the customer whether he could accept the existing tin box of the same size. If not, a new set of molds will be developed.

Second, start to make samples after making the mold. Of course, not all customers need samples. Some customers directly make bulk purchases. Some customers still need samples, so why do you want samples? The sample is when the customer confirms whether the design meets the requirements, whether the printing color is different, whether the size is correct, etc. Customers can understand the details and appearance in time, and make adjustments.


Production and processing details of gift tin boxes:

1. After making the iron box, punch the printed iron products on the machine. Punching is a metal processing technology that is widely used in plastic and metal packaging. This is the process of using pressure stamping to complete the iron forming process and processing the tinplate into the desired shape and semi-finished product. Presses are also divided into cold presses and hot presses. Cold pressing is the processing of metal boxes at room temperature. Generally suitable for iron materials with a thickness of less than 4mm.

Under normal conditions, the production process of iron boxes is trimming, stamping, assembly and packaging of iron materials. The stamping process is an important step in forming the iron box. The general process of iron box stamping is divided into open material-pre-bending-cutting-cornering-button-bone cover-back cover.

From a consumer's point of view, food tin boxes are more attractive. At the same price, people like to choose tinplate packaging products. Because it can be recycled and reused, tinplate packaging products are more upscale and more suitable as gifts. There are a few things to consider when customizing tin boxes.

First, choose a reliable tin box manufacturer. Not all manufacturers can produce high-quality products. The production process of some manufacturers is not perfect, the product type is single, and the customer cannot implement it as needed when submitting comments, causing losses to the company. Experienced manufacturers provide a wide range of packaging types to choose from, and a complete management system. Customers can freely choose or complete designs based on the suggestions of employees.

Whether the iron box product is qualified depends on two aspects: on the one hand, whether the quality of the raw materials is qualified, and on the other hand, the packaging manufacturing process. Only two conclusions are positive, the packaged product is qualified.


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