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Food tin box custom packaging design ideas

2021-04-27 11:34:16

At present, cakes are an important part of casual dessert life. With the improvement of people's living standards, the packaging design of cakes is also very demanding when buying cakes. As a product of modern business society, packaging products have the basic functions of protection, integration, transportation and sales. Customized carton/tin box packaging design must complete the target function and change the shape of the pallet. It must be both protective and practical, but also beautiful. Under the guidance of certain design principles, requirements, norms and standards, scientific and reasonable structural design and modeling methods can be used to make qualified packaging qualified.

Due to the different types and functions of commodities, the design requirements for carton/tin box packaging are also different. For example, food packaging is designed as the main health and safety, and storage and opening issues are considered to meet the requirements of consumer ease of use. Therefore, the design of packaging should show a series of conditions that restrict sales conditions according to the nature, use, location, storage conditions, and even mechanics of the product. According to the characteristics and requirements of the product, create an innovative packaging that meets the needs of the market. At the same time, rationally integrate the various elements in the design requirements, and standardize the packaging design plan to avoid wasting resources and increasing its ineffective investment. As the saying goes, "good steel should be used on the blade." The shelf life of food is one year, so the packaging material The function and the technical packaging technology selected to achieve its service life should be used accordingly to avoid excessive packaging or packaging that is too weak to obtain comprehensive benefits and win the market. In addition, it should be related to the consumer’s occupation, age, region, and season. The requirements and the living habits of different ethnic groups and religious groups are consistent. The above concept and method of design packaging design, plus the concept itself, after many designs and modifications, after continuous improvement and innovation, I think it is finally completed Food packaging design.


1. Customized design concept of food tin box:

Our food boxes are simple and elegant in structure, easy to machine production, and reduce production costs. The overall tone is agile and lively, revealing a fragrant, sweet, and inviting sense of appetite. Simple and generous patterns are easier to stimulate people's desire to buy and promote sales.

With the development of the times, people's aesthetic concepts are constantly being followed, and the continuous renewal of thinking has replaced the place of money in their hearts. Fashion is not just a synonym for clothing. People not only demand novelty for their own clothes, they are also very interested in their own clothes. Therefore, packaging design will be followed closely, of course, the designer's thinking will be a huge breakthrough, only to truly grasp the hearts of customers. Therefore, this should be simple but not lacking in creativity in our packaging design. The inspiration for this box comes from life itself, but the structure design itself is the brain, many improvements.

2. Packaging design

After investigation, there are now more than simple cake packaging designs, which are inconvenient to carry. In order to eliminate redundant packaging, most customers choose to use simple and generous portable packaging. Due to the light weight of the contents and the small quantity, I chose the simplest shape paper packaging design. Since our food packaging is more attractive and unique, it can be shared not only as a gift, but also as a decoration, so the packaging design seems to bring a fresh feeling to consumers.

With more and more people's pursuit of leisure food, not only leisure time can flourish, but the love between husband and wife is usually accompanied by each other. It is necessary to pass on birthdays. Good-packaged goods can not only bring out the taste, but also increase the value of the goods. Now improving the living standard of cakes has become a delicious snack food in people's daily leisure, and the packaging design of food is also very important.


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