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The benefits of tin box customization

2021-04-27 11:31:42

Consumers like high-quality custom packaging in tin boxes. People often say: "You should never judge a book by its cover", but when promoting your new product, the outer packaging is as important as the contents. Large companies understand this very well, they are likely to design attractive packaging to attract the target group, so they may go a long way. If you want to compete with peer brands, every detail of the product, including product packaging design, needs to be taken seriously. Of course, product quality plays a big role in determining the company’s success, but product packaging is what convinces consumers to buy the product first. Market research studies show that although people do not understand the product or have no experience in using the product, most customers (about 68%) are willing to buy ready-made products (if the packaging is good).

In other market research, it is found that exquisite product packaging is an important factor for consumers to repeat purchases. More powerful than online reviews and TV commercials. In other words, packaging is more than just visual. Here are some compelling reasons why packaging seems to be more powerful than it seems:

Eye-catching packaging attracts people's attention: on shelves full of similar products from different brands, if the packaging of a new product stands out from the crowd, it is more likely to attract customers.


The consistent custom design of the tin box is recognizable: although it is refreshing to see the packaging of new products from time to time, people are still happy to buy products from familiar brands. This does not mean that the packaging needs to remain unchanged for many years. It must be consistent in color selection, graphics, layout, materials and shapes.

The role of packaging is to protect the product: consumers want to buy a product, from the time the product leaves the factory to the first use, these products maintain the same appearance, shape and overall quality. The sturdy material designed in this way inspires the buyer's confidence when buying goods.

Communicate the company’s brand value: The product’s packaging conveys the company’s brand value, such as tea packaging, affordability, sustainability, craftsmanship, history or practicality. For example, the use of hard tinplate material to make product packaging; because of its good air tightness, extensibility, and recyclability characteristics, it is favored by consumers.

The artistic sense of the product: Even if the product is mass-produced, the artistic elements on the packaging will bring a sense of nature. This world is not entirely "function is better than form", consumers always welcome some exquisite details.

Depending on the type of product, it is sometimes difficult to include all of the above elements in one package, but fortunately, you don't have to do this. The packaging is divided into three layers, and you can use them as needed:

Outer layer: The first thing the consumer sees. It can be a wooden box, plastic container, iron can or any other items that package the product

Inner layer: Consumers must first open another packaging before they can see or use the actual product. You may need to use cardboard, plastic or PVC to provide extra protection.


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