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Six standards for food tin packaging cans

2021-05-06 17:40:56

Regulations on packaging materials and containers for meat food tin packaging cans

The selection of packaging materials and containers must consider the general packaging regulations for food. In addition, due to the need for food packaging cans (which can be stored for a long time, maintain the original color, aroma, and taste characteristics of meat foods, and be convenient to take), there are some special requirements for packaging materials and containers.

1. The raw materials and the container itself are tasteless, and no harmful substances will be produced in contact with the contents;

2. It has excellent insulation properties and air tightness, avoiding the chemical effect of carbon dioxide penetration, which will cause adverse effects on meat products;

3. The melt flow rate of the raw materials is very small, which prevents the moisture of the meat products from being exchanged with the external natural environment, thereby damaging their quality;

4. It can isolate the scattering of light source and shadow to maintain the quality and taste of meat products;

5. It has excellent corrosion resistance to ensure that the soup bottom of the seasoning in the meat food packaging jar will not reflect mold or cause harmful substances between the two;

6. It has certain impact toughness, excellent practical packaging performance, and packaging printing adaptability.


Why are metal cans so popular?

Metal tin boxes are widely used in our daily lives and can be seen everywhere. Because of its many advantages, it is very popular in the packaging industry. , Now let’s introduce the advantages of metal tin cans.

1. Metal tin cans are rich in material resources, low in energy consumption and cost, recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly;

2. The metal tin box has a special metallic luster, which is easy to print and decorate, which can make the appearance of the product luxurious and rich, and the food tin box is beautiful and generous.

3. The material of metal cans has excellent mechanical properties and strength, and can be made into packaging containers with thin walls, high compressive strength and not easy to break.

4. The metal tin can has excellent comprehensive protection performance, low water vapor transmission rate, completely opaque, and can effectively avoid the harm of ultraviolet rays;

5. The gas barrier, moisture-proof, light-shielding and fragrance-preserving properties of metal tin box packaging greatly exceed other types of packaging materials, such as plastic and paper, and can maintain product quality for a long time.


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