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Why are tin boxes and food tin boxes so popular?

2021-05-13 09:10:58

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, customers choose food packaging that meets the needs of social development of the times, and it is inevitable to eliminate outdated food packaging. The improvement of plastic materials has also been carried out for many years, but the development has not been much, and the results have been minimal. As an environmentally friendly material, food tin box packaging is naturally favored by people.

The popularity of food tin packaging is not only because of the environmental protection of its materials, but also because of the diversity of its planning. In addition to the basic functions of packaging, it can also meet customer needs at a higher level:

1. Iron box packaging planning to show emotional experience

Interactive personalized marketing has gradually become the mainstream marketing method, and personalized consumption has put forward higher requirements for food packaging planning. Nowadays, when products are highly homogenized, the uniqueness and heterogeneity of product packaging will affect customers' choices to a greater extent. The health food packaging that customers value is not pictures or fancy things, but whether the packaging can convey people's emotions, trigger people's resonance, whether it has affinity, and whether it expresses the taste and lifestyle of the target group in the planning. Those packages that are pleasing to the eye and have a higher taste are naturally favored. From this point of view, tin can packaging can break the barriers of traditional packaging, be original in planning, and take on more people's desires, not just sensory and visual needs. Tin box packaging tin can packaging tin box manufacturers food tin box gift tin box moon cake tin box liquor tin box edible oil tin box printed tin cans metal products


2. Both propaganda function

The packaging information of iron cans has the advantages of pertinence, durability, strong expression and high reliability, which depends on the material itself. However, the packaging itself also has many disadvantages, such as poor flexibility, less information and slow transmission speed. Therefore, in the process of food packaging planning, we must summarize and consider and make wonderful choices. In order to meet the needs of specific groups of people in packaging, we must consider these characteristics that are different from other media, so as to maximize the promotion of packaging as a media.

3. Possess global recognition ability

With the acceleration of the process of international trade integration, food packaging planning must reach the international level as much as possible, and have globally recognized capabilities. However, packaging plans cannot be globalized for the sake of globalization. Any packaging plan has its inseparable national traditional cultural background. "As long as the nation belongs to the world", the packaging will be unique as long as it has a local color, and it will have a visual impact on the counter and shelf. There are different opinions on how packaging expresses national style, but as long as you understand that the basic intention of packaging is to better communicate with more customers, you will not lose your way in the packaging planning process.

4. Significant traits

Nowadays, when health foods are gradually put on the market, many food packaging forms are outdated and have become obstacles to communication with customers. You should learn more about some new styles. For example, the packaging of Wangzai Milk is very iconic. This kind of packaging conveys to customers the inner nature of "genuine goods at a fair price", and this kind of brand inherently drives the sales of similar brand products. There is no need to copy these methods for food packaging in tin cans, but it is necessary to introduce this concept.

In fact, expressing corporate image through packaging plans is not only conducive to the communication of corporate image, but also can reduce corporate advertising costs. More importantly, it enhances the customer's recognition of the society and its brand, thereby enabling in-depth communication. The inherent advantages of food tin boxes, coupled with carefully designed and manufactured food tin boxes, will become more and more popular among customers.


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