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5 factors affecting the cost of custom packaging of tin boxes

2021-04-27 11:38:09

Customized tin box packaging has become an indispensable part of product marketing. For some products, packaging just steals the limelight. For others, it increases the user experience. Packaging used for commercial purposes has different functions, among which more is to retain content throughout the supply chain than to attract customers. Due to the high degree of emphasis on the main product itself, it is easy to ignore the packaging cost. People may often feel that packaging costs are insignificant. Although sometimes the cost may far exceed the price of the product itself. For example, in the past moon cake packaging, the packaging cost was about three times the value of the moon cake itself. Packaging to control this waste is important because it not only increases the overall price, but also creates an environmental burden through waste.

Factors affecting the cost of custom packaging of tin boxes

1. Product fragility and specifications

This may be one of the obvious factors affecting packaging costs. The more sensitive the product, the more money the manufacturer must spend on packaging. There is a direct relationship between the fragility of the product and the final packaging price. For example, fragile products must be packed in bubble wrap, filled with Thermocol, and finally sealed in a corrugated box. As a result, packaging costs will skyrocket. In addition, larger products will also require more packaging materials, thus leading to higher packaging costs.

2. Role in the supply chain

In addition to the fragility of the product, the cost of packaging also depends on its role in the supply chain. You must consider how the product moves in the supply chain, what kind of environment the product will face, and the processing method the product will experience. For example, products transported through the express network will change hands many times and will be transported through numerous distribution centers, trucks and trucks. The product may be subjected to different settings and forces (including shock and vibration). If the product is shipped directly to the customer, all excess packaging can be eliminated, and the original packaging itself is sufficient.


3. Packaging complexity

In addition to packaging materials used to protect items, other factors may also complicate packaging. For example, a simple cardboard box may have different die cuts inside, which requires complicated assembly. Sometimes, such delicate packaging requires manual fixation of the packaging because the packaging machine may only be able to perform simple cutting. Although the complex packaging surprises consumers, it does increase packaging costs due to the need for more manual operations. Take beer box packaging as an example. Simple beer boxes are easy to pack and can be completed by the machine itself. However, to pack 6 packs with a handle, manual operation is required, which not only wastes time, but also increases costs.

4. Packaging order quantity

The common sense now is that every time you buy goods in bulk, the cost of each product will be greatly reduced. The same principle applies to packaging when ordering in large quantities. The cost reduction is due to a variety of factors, such as reduced machine setup time, seamless manufacturing process, fewer manual tasks, and the need for easy storage and transportation.

5. Marketing expenses

Finally, companies need to consider the role of packaging in product marketing. For economical products, price may be the selling point, but for luxury products, careful packaging is required. For example, when multi-color printing is used in tinplate boxes instead of monochrome black printing, the cost will be greatly increased. In addition, the use of frosted plastic on shiny plastic also incurs additional costs.


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